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Damon Lookie, Lookie. I Got Hookie.
[Monday, February 12, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
So the delay was caused by Sony. Because EQ2 just ate my life. I just kept saying, oh it hasn't been that long since I updated the comic. Till someone reminded me, it's almost been a month. So uh, whoops! Here it is. Sorry about that. But hey, atleast you know theres one more level 37 Fae Berserker out there ready to whoop some ass. Enjoy.

If you know which lines I'm referencing, I love you.
Look at her teetering on those heels. I imagine its hard to bend over, and look pissed at the same time in something like that.
Check is not a pimp. I repeat, Check is not a pimp. He just calls women Ho's.
Check really has a way with those ladies. Keep on tryin Check, keep on tryin.
What may seem perfectly logical in the male brain, is complete and utter bullshit in the female brain.
He likes em a little butch.
The dark part of the stockings are taped on. That's what's holding them up, not the thong.
Same goes for Demetria's suspenders. Tape people, it keeps both Holiday and Hollywood in business.
You'd think that with all the time it took women to get ready that their clothes would be hard to take off. They're not, go ahead, go strip a girl. You'll see what I mean.
Nothing more messed up than getting knocked out by some bitches liquor bottle while youre in your underwear, trust me.
She would've gotten out of the way, it's not like she didn't see it coming. However, teetering + high speed dodging = tricky.
Diz's lucky the bottle didn't break. Would've ended her whole career.
And just for fun. The Sandlot was on this morning so I thought I would throw in someone wearing Smalls' hat. He's in the background in panel two. I swear he's wearing Smalls' hat and dancing. He is not a giant duck man who is trying to box up someone.

Alternate Titles

"I'm sooo kidding you."
"Foreshortening, For The Win"
"The Queen Has Spoken"
"Return of The Bottle!"

-Behind the Scenes-

Pink is a bitch of a color to force photoshop to do.