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Damon Guess who's back. Back again.
[Saturday, February 24, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
And voila. Comic. I was going for a Friday update. However, I did not succeed. From now on I'm going to update on Friday. It just makes sense. Trying to rush the comic over the weekend to have it up on Monday hasn't worked once. So if I work all week, I can most likely get it up to you guys by the weekend. Also, the site layout has changed a bit. The Forums are up, the Character Select page is up. There will be some more choices as the days go buy, just have to finish up their layouts. Enjoy all the new tidbits of the page.

"Or so help me god..." Is said in the exact same tone as Matt Damon in "Dogma" when he says, "But you didn't say god bless you when I sneezed."
That is not a banner behind Dice's head. Tooths is still screaming.
As much fun as that panda backpack is, I hate drawing it. And it's there in panel 2. It's behind her hair... I swear.
Poe, the one with the beret(she's not very original), is not very pretty. She makes up for it by being extremely passionate and loyal.
Christine, the blonde, is rocking early 90's hair. Keep the curly, side-part alive Christine, you can do it.
Not the worst way to die. It's quick, and what a view.
And hell, she might as well have killed him. He was gonna catch cancer like it was the common cold after the gun was all up in his face like that.
Dice was gonna kill him anyway (especially after that little rape bit.). But they just kept offering her money, and she has a reputation to uphold.
But OMG Jordan, where's the Katana? It's in the panda backpack. Holds a lot for it's size.
So what's the lesson of today's fable? Treat your (wo)men with respect. If you can't atleast have the decency to end the relationship before you move on... you may be a blood stain on an apartment building floor in no time.

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