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Damon Yahtzee!
[Friday, March 2, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
Booya. Got it done on time. Enjoy it. I'm outta here. Friday updates from now on.

Ya... the ambulance's on Holiday have a "Gem and the Holograms feel" to them don't they.
Buddy is a lanky guy.
He is also drinking Holiday's own Booya! Beer. "It's Kick you in the face fantastic!"
The bottle is a little girly, but the bottle is metal. Good for brainin' suckers. Ya.. Aple and Buddy have a couple of things in common.
Buddy's tattoo's are actually really intricite if you look up close. They just happen to be black on black.
That suspender band is still up because that arm hasn't gone down the entire night.
See that face in panel 5. That's Check's "thinking" face.
I love that neither of them are actually concerned with Diz's well being. Just how much trouble Check could possibly get into.

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