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Damon Here it be.
[Saturday, March 10, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
Yes, it's late. Not going to use an excuse. I apologize. Enjoy it.

So ya... My comic updates once a week. But hey, it has an average of 9+ panels. So technically if that were a Monday/Wednesday/Friday release of a strip style comic that would be three updates, three panels each and such. So its like getting all those comics at once! Like a drop kick of webcomic awesome every friday/saturday.

  • Looks like my brother is driving the Ambulance. DRIFT BABY DRIFT!

  • While Diz may be angry still, her primary emotion is worried. She sees no shame in having Check comfort her by holding her hand, and a couple panels down the kiss. She can always be mad later.

  • Check knows exactly what that face means. In the past it was often directed at him.

  • When Diz woke up, the first thing she did was take off that stupid hat.

  • The EMT is sooo excited. He's gonna tell all his friends that he was the guy that got Diz and Check back together.

  • The kiss was normally how Diz got Check to stop talking, so he gave it a shot. And look at that, it worked.

  • Healthcare on Holiday is pretty simple. The ambulance is just filled with spores they've found on various planets that promote body regeneration. The EMT is just there to get the patient from one destination to the other.

  • You see that pose in the second to last panel. That's an EMT about to lose his shit.

  • Everyone loves Nefarious J.

  • The Jet Bike is named Ducky.

  • The visor on the front of Ducky is for decoration. You're supposed to wear a helmet while on one of those crazy things. Tsk Tsk Nefarious.

  • Ducky is a piece of crap really. He doesn't go very fast, and he breaks down all the time. But he knows how to auto pilot his way to all of the hot-spots in town. And some of the spots respectable people aren't supposed to know about.

  • Those are Grape cams. I'd say Grape is the leading competetor with Aple, but they're in two completely unrelated fields.

-Alternate Titles-

Thunder Thief

-Behind the scenes-

That's Three Gasps in all of Panty-Shot so far. And the second comic with thought bubbles.
That last panel has got to be my favorite character drawing to date.
For a long time, I was struggling to figure out what the exact setting all of these crazy characters were supposed to exist. When I thought up transparent ambulance walls, I knew exactly where the story was going to go, and how it was going to get there. Everything just sort of clicked.