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Damon On time.
[Friday, March 23, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
I finished it on time. And by on time I mean Friday. I actually planned to have it up earlier, because I was under the impression of just putting the dialogue in would be a quick task to do when I woke up. Alas... I was incorrect.

  • LOL, I love the thought of Diz with an eyepatch. That's so not hot.

  • The Nurse has the same haircut as the EMT, not because it's trendy, but because they're BFF's.

  • Faet is doing her best Jesse Bradford impersonation. I don't know why but the man can only use one side of his mouth.

  • Faet keeps her hair short because her sister hates it, and she hates her sister.

  • You'd never guess the temperature of Holiday if you based your analysis off of everyone's wardrobe. Underwear as clothing, or coats indoors, the things those girls will do for fashion.

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Again, here is the link back the comic on the webcomiclist, if anyone wanted to add Panty-Shot to their favorites.

The Webcomic List

I'm just wondering. Besides the things mentioned in the first comic with Nefarious J, can you tell what's IN this season? She mentioned, the color black, and bangs, but there are a bunch of things that had been stated before the comic even started. Can you tell what the trends are?

Also I put a FAQ section up on the Forums, if you have any general questions about the comic, put em there. I'll answer a bunch of them in a FAQ that I'll put up on it's own page later.