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Damon Early?
[Friday, March 30, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
Technically this is early for me. I haven't gone to bed yet, and I'm updating this while very very tired. If I don't make much sense I apologize.

Faet's coat costs more than everything Diz owns combined, seeing as its made of the skins of a few endangered animals from various planets. But its softer than silk and far more durable.
I love every single pose Faet made. Especially the one that caught her glasses just right to reflect the light like that.
Faet wishes she could be a model, unfortunately skinny has been out for a few sessions now, and she could never do something as gross as gaining weight.
Diz didn't move for an hour after Faet left.
It's another wordy one, but I promise the next one will have less words and more skin.

-Alternate Titles-

Story Time
Wordy Much?
You sly dog! You got me monologuing!


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That last panel makes me laugh. I wanted to have Faet really really fucking close, but Diz was on a bed, so... so she's stradelling her. And what!?