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Damon OMG
[Friday, April 6, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
Ooo, scandelous. Maybe I should put up a warning page or something... hmm.

  • Even after all that, Diz still just can't believe she got on Party News, and had Angelica anywhere near her.

  • She's not wearing panties under there, because she's already got a pair on over it.

  • Despite all the pink she wears, Diz's favorite color, is Blue. Can you tell?

  • That crazy Dice... she's very discreet as you can tell.

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Originally that sound effect was going to be BZZZZZZ but I though that might be misunderstood.
That's Diz's original outfit. Like from when I was 14 and I drew Diz for the first time. As strange as it may look, it looks like it was meant for her in my head. It'll be back in a future comic somewhere down the road.
Why would a model wear a bright green bra when it doesn't really match much? Because she has finally become what I wanted her and everything around her to be, Rainbow Sherbert colors. I love my rainbow Sherbert.