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Damon A New Beginning
[Friday, August 10, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
So, the a bit of the new stuff for the site is live. Quite a bit of it is behind the scenes stuff. But some of it is just for you guys. We have 12 spankin' new layouts. You can choose your favorite from the Character Select Page. Each layout comes with a handy dandy Bio for the character that you select. Scroll down, under the icons to find it.

You'll also notice that a permanent Webcomic List button has been added to the right. That way I don't have to keep putting it in my commentaries. If you at any time would like to head on over to Panty-Shot on the Webcomic List. You can feel free to do so. Also a nice little RSS button has been added for all you RSS addicts out there.

Our very own Webmaster E has seperated the Commentary section and the News section. I will now be able to inform you of the goings on with the comic and the site without having to post a comic, and putting all the information in the commentary. The FAQ may be going up a bit later tonight. I'm sort of in a rush. Off to Boston I go. I am however taking my laptop and I will try to put up both a news post and a FAQ as soon as possible.

For now, enjoy the comic and the new layouts.

  • I like that she's subconciously drawing Runic Symbols on the bar and yet, she doesn't spill a drop of that beer. That'swhat I call an expert.

  • I love how she made her hair more traditional by just throwing a couple of clips in it.

  • Drea's necklace is a little gold lopsided heart. Molly gave it to her for Drea's birthday a couple of years ago.

  • Drea was comtemplating wearing the low cut shirt without the tank underneath. She decided against it though, seeing as she doesn't even know Buddy.

-Alternate Titles-

Drinking Buddy