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Damon Ambition is a funny thing.
[Friday, September 21, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
I had great plans for this particular comic. And most of them came into fruition. Took a really long time though, sorry about that. Enjoy it though.

As always remember there is the Facebook group for Panty-Shot over here:

Panty-Shot on Facebook.

So if you're a fan, and have a Facebook, please join on up.

In addition me and friends are gonna be heading to the Halloween Parade here in NYC dressed as various Panty-Shot characters. If you see us, say hi. :)

  • Aple really can't stand the sight of her own blood.

  • Yeah that man is accurate with a damn flashlight.

  • Aww poor Stacy. She can control minds, but she can't drive a car.

  • Diaz doesn't really like Tom, but she doesn't want him to die.

  • Icky, blood.