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Damon Here We Goooooo!!!
[Monday, February 11, 2008 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
So let's see. Me and some buddies have started skiing/snowboarding again. Also started hitting up the gym again. Photoshop crashed while I was working and I lost a lot of work. What does all this mean? I need to learn to schedule my time better. Maybe I'll start making lists or something.In the mean time. Enjoy this fancy schmancy comic I did.


Three super awesome wallpapers are up in the Extras section.


Also there's the forums, for people interested in such things.

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  • Check has one of those obnoxious SUV's with the soft roll down tops. Hate those things.

  • Diz has done a bunch of sales with Check, Conrad and Zero as her back up. She loves that little guy.

  • How could you not love Conrad.

In addition to everything before, I reopened my EQ2 account. Haven't had any time to play this week, but still, its open. Joined a new guild. Been having a good time. I'll put more information about that on the forums. I'm also thinking that I'll open a livejournal account like all the cool webcomics. So I don't have to build my own community from scratch, hard times.