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Damon Dice, Dice, Baby.
[Monday, October 2, 2006 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
This is Dice. For enough money, she'd shoot a baby.
The energy leaking from the front of the gun is said to cause seven different types of cancer. Ask her if she cares.
The shirt Dice is wearing says "Fuck Hugh." She didn't understand it at first, but once she did she thought it was hilarious. Plus she thinks it looks cute on her, and it matches the rifle, win/win situation really.
That really is the 76th button pressed in the elevator, go ahead and count.
It's Two Hours and twenty minutes ago, because Dice is on time for appointments. It's Damon who's always late.
In my head, she's whistling Under The Sea.

Alternate Titles

"Belt Buckle... so hot right now ... Belt Buckle."
"Get Ready, Cuz Here She Comes."
"Caaaaable Guuuy."
"Panda Backpack of Holding +2"
"On Holiday, There Are No Doorframes."