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Damon There's the comic.
[Thursday, November 9, 2006 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
Most things in life, back to stability, and so, the comic is up. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!

And there you go. Panty-Shot's first Pantyshot.
Her underwear is blue because she figures, if someone is seeing her underwear, it should match everything else she's currently wearing ie. her on her head. She don't roll 70's style.
That metal piece on Dice's forehead isnt armor. It's a headband. It's metal cuz she wanted to look hardcore while still keeping the flyaways out of her face.
Personally I believe Dice only does this kind of work to pay for hair conditioner.

Alternative Titles:

"Screentones Much?"
"East Vs West"
"Blue Eyed Devil"
"Dice Dice Booty. Jugga jug jug jug jugga jug jug"
"Halos for everybody!"

PS: I had assumed that only a couple of friends were reading this comic as I was drawing it. Alas. People have found it, and thanks to someone aliased Tangerine321 More people have found it, because it's been posted on a webcomic list. Who knew? Thanks Tangerine321, kinda cool that someone out there is enjoying it so far.