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Damon Birfday
[Friday, April 27, 2007 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
And there it is. I love it. Lots of hair lol.

Oh, and 3A is a hair type, look it up.

And if you'll excuse me, Im very late to the birthday dinner of my one true love. I must away.


  • Dice really, really LOVES shoes. To the point where she turns into the giddy little school girl that she almost dressed as.

  • Diz is so smug about it, but only because she knows of Dice's shoe addiction.

  • So fellas, thats the real trick to making your lady happy. She doesn't want flowers, she doesn't want chocolates, okay make she wants chocolates a little. But if you screw up, and you want to get back in her good graces, offer to buy her any pair of shoes she so desires. Works everytime.

  • Damon walks in her apartment all the time without buzzing. He has a key. Though he only has that key because Diz sleeps like a hibernating bear. The Apocalypse could happen right outside her window, and she'd just snore on through it.

  • Even though he has this key, he had never seen her right out of the shower. She always straightens her hair. She doesn't like her curls at all. Although she might learn to embrace them sometime in the future.

-Alternate Titles-

You've Aquired "Rocket Boots"!
Ooo Shoes!