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Damon Finally
[Friday, August 4, 2006 - 12:00pm UTC]
Posted by Damon
This comic took a long time to do. I have.. Oh I dunno like 3 other versions of it. Diz had to look perfect. She had to ask that question and whoever was reading guy/girl, old/young, had to answer, Yes.
I love the foot on the table. I like to think she slammed it down appropriately when she put it there.
This was the first leg I loved that I had drawn. The second was Frizz's thigh in her introduction picture on the swing.
That crappy background took so long that it slowly led to the deteriation of most of the backgrounds being so specific. I realized, that yes, I had to make a comic that was aesthetically pleasing seeing as that was kind of the base of what the story was about. But I had to also be able to produce these comics in a somewhat timely fashion. The compromise was that the backgrounds slowly became less detailed as time went on.
When I showed my mom this comic she loved it, but she went to mention something about Diz's hand being wrong, and I stopped her. She nitpicks. But to this day I have no idea what she was talking about, I like Diz's hands in this comic, they have seperate fingers lol.
I like her reflection too.
And the stockings. When I figured out how to make stockings look like stockings I was soooo proud of myself. I was like, alright, I can do this. If I can figure out stockings I can figure out how to make any of this a reality.
The HA, HA, HA, came right off the Batman/Joker pillow cases I had when I was a kid. A little throwback to the simple days.

-Alternate Titles-

"Do Garter Belts count as Panties?"
"Wheee Bra Straps"
"Ooo Swearing!"
"Bricks Aren't Reflective"