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Name: Frizz

Bio: A confident gal.  Frizz, a Twillon native, slept with a one Freddy Burton.  Burton was man who greatly appreciated her form and function.  Unfortunately, the tryst was short to say the least.  Desperate to have some sort of contact with the future love goddess, he created a very detailed sex doll with Frizz's exact likeness.  All was going well up until the point that Burton decided to go public with the doll, selling it to others all over Twillon.  In weeks, the doll was so popular, Frizz became one of Twillon's first non corporate celebrities.  She sued Burton's ass off and now controls an empire based on sex and loneliness.  Bored with her wealth, Frizz's goal in life seems to start trouble wherever and whenever possible.

Quote: "Unfortunately tonight isn't all about me."